No #1 Fairfield Irrigation Repair

our Fairfield irrigation repair team on a jobGoing green doesn't just mean using less water, it can mean saving money too! It also means using the latest technology to deliver water in a way that allows you to maintain your beautiful lawn without having to wasting any. But water is only the beginning. With a properly installed system it is possible to fertilize and chemically treat your lawn without the use of time release granules (which are notoriously inefficient).

Our Fairfield irrigation repair team suggests installing a "drip" irrigation system to save yourself money! It applies water directly to the soil and prevents over-spray from collecting on roads and driveways. By installing this type of system, not only will the cost of water go down, but unsightly puddles will be gone forever! We install and repair these systems, creating gorgeous lawns in the process. This type of irrigation is a great way to save money on the rising cost of water.

Our Fairfield Sprinkler Repair Techs Install Drip Systems

a drip system installed by our Fairfield sprinkler repair techsBy using a drip irrigation system, you will be able to apply fertilizer and insecticide much easier by practicing two processes, fertigation and chemigation. These are methods of delivering liquid fertilizers and pest control to your lawn through the drip system. By practicing fertigation and chemigation, you can expect substantial savings on chemicals by replacing the traditional time released methods you may currently be using to help beautify your lawn.

With one of our design specialist, you can make sure that you are "hydrozoning." This is when you plant trees, shrubs and plants that all need about the same amount of water together, thereby watering all plants appropriately without wasting resources. Let our Fairfield sprinkler repair experts assist you in enhancing your lawn by choosing the best trees, shrubs and flowers for your individual lawn needs.

One of the best ways to save water on your irrigation is to know exactly how much water each variety of plant needs. Work with a planter's guide or call our Fairfield sprinkler repair techs to dial in a watering schedule that will optimize each plant's water retention and keep it looking its best.